Some little fragments…


“(…) Es sumamente  importante que estas imágenes lleguen al público que desprecia o critica esta práctica (lactancia), para generar apertura y conciencia. Reinstalar el hábito de amamantar a un niño en una sociedad tan tecnificada y tan corrupta por el capitalismo salvaje es una prioridad para los que creemos en el Hombre. El deseo de tener cosas no permite a las mujeres maternar adecuadamente a nuestra cría. Su proyecto permite visibilizar el placer de amamantar, una práctica saludable que debe ser  respetada y enaltecida.”

~ PhD Gustavo Sager  – Jefe de Unidad Banco de Leche Materna del Servicio de Neonatología del Hospital San Martín de la Plata (Argentina)
“(…) It is extremely important that these images reach the public who despise or criticize this practice (breastfeeding), to generate openness and awareness. Reinstall the habit of feeding a child in such technified and so corrupted by unbridled capitalism society is a priority for those who believe in Mankind. The desire for material things don´t allow women to adequately nurture their breeding. Her project allows the visibility of the pleasure of breastfeeding, a healthy practice that should be respected and ennobled.”
“(…) Con este proyecto pude sanar algunas heridas. En psicología, se llama sublimación. Es un acto de defensa ante un dolor muy fuerte, donde ese dolor es transformado a través de un acto solidario o altruista por ejemplo, para ayudar a otro. Mi historia en parte, es esa. Difícil, pero poniendo el pecho.”
~ Andrea (Argentina)
“(…) With this project I could heal some wounds. In psychology, it is called sublimation. It is an act of defense against severe pain, where the pain is transformed through a charity or altruistic act for example to help another. My story is partly that. Difficult, but facing it with my chest.”
“(…) Le co-allaitement de deux enfants est encore trop peu connu, je l’ai très peu fait en public, je pense que la société n’est pas prête à cela! Et pourtant si nous toutes, les mamans qui co-allaitent ou allaitent des bambins, nous osions le faire, ça permettrait de le rendre habituel… Alors merci à toi pour ce projet! Tu contribues à faire connaître cela!.” 
~ Melina (Switzerland)
“(…) Co-feeding two children together is still too little known. I haven´t done it often in public, I think that society is not ready for that! And yet if we all the moms who co-nurse or nurse toddlers show ourselves, we dare do it, it would become more usual … So thank you for this project! You contribute to normalize it!. “
“(…) Aujourd’hui tout le monde trouve normal de voir une femme qui fait sein nu sur la plage mais par contre beaucoup sont choqués de voir une maman allaiter son enfant. Je pense qu’il faut que les mentalités changent et que l’allaitement redevienne un acte banal.” 
~ Marion (France)
“(…) Today everyone looks normal to see a woman who is breast naked on the beach but many get shocked to see a mother breastfeeding her child. I think it’s necessary that those attitudes change and that breastfeeding become a commonplace act again.”
“L’allaitement est pour moi la plus naturelle des choses. C’est une aptitude biologique de l’espèce humaine. C’est une responsabilité de la mère envers l’enfant qu’elle a fait naître. La société actuelle a cependant transformé cette responsabilité en choix, pénalisant ainsi les enfants. C’est pourquoi l’allaitement est aussi pour moi une lutte, une revendication (…)”
~ Cécile (France)
“Breastfeeding to me is the most natural thing. It is a biological ability of the human specie. It is a responsibility of the mother to the child she gave birth. Today’s society has however turned this responsibility into a choice, thus penalizing children. Therefore breastfeeding is also for me a struggle, a claim (…)”
“Amamantar fue amor, algo nuestro tan primitivo, tan visceral, ancestral. Tan mágico y real como darle vida a través de mí, su alimento. Ser las dos una, dando y recibiendo en reciproco crecimiento, un enlace y una conexión que llevaremos por el resto de nuestras vidas. No fue fácil, pero sobrepasamos el dolor, los prejuicios, las miradas insatisfechas que nos llenaron de valor para seguir adelante con la convicción que estábamos haciendo lo mejor, sintiendo que no nos equivocábamos, sanamos generaciones, nos nutrimos de amor mutuo y verdadero.”
~ Laura (Argentina)
“Breastfeeding was love, something so primitive, so of our own, so visceral, ancestral. So real and magical as giving her life through me, her food. To be both one, giving and receiving in mutual growth, a link and a connection to take for the rest of our lives. It was not easy, but surpassed the pain, prejudice, unmet glances which filled us with courage to move forward with the conviction that we were doing the best, feeling that we were not mistaken, we heal generations, we nurture ourselves on true mutual love.”
Pourquoi ai-je souhaité faire partie du projet The Nurture & Care? J’ai toujours apprécié de participer à des aventures plus grandes que moi, qui ouvrent l’horizon, qui inscrivent mon expérience singulière dans un tout plus grand, dans un projet qui reste, dans une chaîne humaine infinie, dans le temps et dans l’espace. Et dans mes expériences les plus précieuses, pour lesquelles il m’est important de garder une trace et de témoigner, il y a l’allaitement, cette relation si particulière qui m’a montré la voie de la parentalité. Participer à ce projet, c’est aussi vivre une expérience avec ma fille (…) C’est l’inscrire aussi dans la communauté humaine des enfants allaités, comme en témoignent toutes ces belles potos (…)” 
~ Karine (France)
“Why did I want to join the The Nurture & Care project? I have always enjoyed participating in adventures greater than me, which open horizons, which enroll my singular experience in a larger whole, a project that remains in an infinite human chain, in time and in space. And in my most valuable experiences for which it is important to me to keep track and testify, there breastfeeding, this special relationship that showed me the way of parenting. Participating in this project it’s been also an experience with my daughter (…) She’s also part of the human community of breastfed children, as evidenced by all these beautiful pictures (…)”
“(…) Although some moms are more comfortable doing this, to me covering up implies that there’s something inappropriate about feeding a baby. The more often mothers nurse in public, the more accepted it will become. My photo is just one small contribution to normalize breastfeeding, especially breastfeeding older child, and especially doing it in public.”
~ Martina (Croatia)
“(…) Un docteur m’a demandé aux 6 mois de mon bébé “il tète bien 6 fois par jour donc?” et m’a conseillé de forcer la main sur la diversification. Je n’y suis pas retournée.
Une ostéopathe m’a dit “vous faites ce que vous voulez mais au-delà de 8 semaines (!!!) l’allaitement n’a plus de bénéfice point de vue nutrition” et sous-entendu que sa mission était de me “défusionner” de mon enfant (…) Elle n’a pas touché mon fils et je n’y suis évidemment pas retourné.
Dans les 2 cas j’ai été heureuse d’être bien informée et de ne pas avoir peur de ne pas écouter des professionnels. J’imagine les dégâts que peuvent causer ce genre de désinformation auprès de patients qui font confiance… C’est triste ( et salvateur à la fois) mais depuis ma grossesse j’ai appris à remettre en cause systématiquement l’avis des professionnels de la santé et cherche toujours des sources d’infos supplémentaires (…)”
~ Mélanie (Belgium)
“(…) When my baby was six months old, a doctor asked me “Does he breastfeed properly well 6 times a day then?” and advised me to force the hand of diversification. I have not been back.
An osteopath told me “Do what you want but beyond 8 weeks… lactation has no more nutrition standpoint profit” and implied that her mission was “to di-fuse” me from my child (…) She didn touch my son and I obviously did not return.
In both cases I was pleased to be informed and do not be afraid not to listen to the professionals. I imagine the damage that can cause this kind of misinformation in patients who trust … It’s sad (and saving both) but since my pregnancy I learned to question systematically to the health professionals and I’m always looking for additional information sources (…)”
“(…) Se la mia bimba ha fame e io ho gli strumenti per soddisfare il suo bisogno ben venga!ho deciso di partecipare al progetto per essere testimone di un mondo che sta cambiando così da garantire a mia figlia e ai figli del mondo che verranno un posto migliore in termini di allattamento! Ho sempre pensato che se una donna è in grado di partorire (e questo lo ha fatto per millenni) è anche in grado di allattare (e anche questo lo ha fatto per millenni). Mi sento quindi di essere parte di un piccolo puzzle di un mondo che deve diventare sempre più consapevole delle risorse e delle potenzialità di ognuna di noi!! Perché avere il latte non è una fortuna (così si dice dalle mie parti) ma una competenza che il corpo di ognuna di noi sa garantire al proprio bambino.”
~ Anita (Italia)
“(…) If my baby is hungry and I have the means to satisfy her need, so be it! I decided to participate in this project to be a witness in a world that is changing, so as to provide my daughter and the children of the world a better place in terms of breastfeeding! I always thought that if a woman is able to give birth (and this did it for millennia) is also able to breastfeed (and even that has done so for thousands of years). I therefore feel that I am part of a small jigsaw puzzle of a world which has become more and more aware of the resources and potential of each one of us! Because having milk is not a fortune (so they say in my town) but a skill that the body of each of us can guarantee our children.”
(…) Nos dicen:
“Ese niño no es muy mayor para seguir mamando?
Te tiene de chupete!!!
Se le va a deformar la boca!!!
Le vas a crear inseguridad dándole el pecho tan mayor!!!
Cuando tienes pensado dejar de darle el pecho?”
… Pues dejaré de darle el pecho a mi hijo cuando él y yo estemos preparados, porque esto es cosa de dos.
~ Angie (España)
(…) People tell us:
“That boy is not too old to continue breastfeeding?
He uses you as a pacifier!!!
He’s going to warp his mouth!!!
You are going to create insecurity breastfeeding him so much!!!
When do you plan to stop breastfeeding?”
… Then I will stop breastfeeding my son when he and I are ready, because this is a two-fold thing.”
“Un’esperienza che insegna a rispettare anche chi questa esperienza invece non riesce e/o non vuole viverla perché non ce la fa emotivamente, fisicamente o semplicemente perchè purtroppo non viene sufficientemente sostenuta dalla famiglia e dai servizi che invece dovrebbero essere le prime grandi risorse (…) Ringraziandoti ancora per quanto anche tu stai facendo per le donne, per i bambini, per le famiglie.”
~ Michela (Italia)
“An experience that teaches to respect, even to those who don’t understand or don’t want to experience it, because they can’t make it emotionally, physically or because they are not supported by their families and other social services, which should be the first support resources (…) I still thank you for what you’re doing for women, for children, for families.”