about the photographer

My name is Valeria Alves da Florencia. Woman. BA Image and Sound Designer. Pro Photographer. Ongoing Master Studies of Sexual Difference. Traveller. Amateur writer. Vegan. Cats lover. I’ve lived in Argentina, France, Spain and Italy. I am currently based in Portugal.
ValeriaI was born in Argentina (SouthAmerica), a country crossed by European and indigenous cultures.
Breastfeeding until 24 or 36 months of life in many places serves to guarantee basic nutrition. But in most cases, involves a nutrition that goes beyond milk: means to nurture in love, hug, in bond, in closeness and protection. To be regarded with love.

To be immunized physically and spiritually through the act of being breastfed.

Through my pictures I do not pretend to generate judgment on women who do not want to breastfeed their babies. The idea is the opposite: to remove prejudice around this issue. All women should have the right to raise their babies as they feel appropriate for themselves and for their kids, without being judged if they breastfeed so as if they do not.

I´m committed to this project with great passion.

In the past three years (14 months dedicated in total dedicated to this project) I’ve travelled around Europe, with my own small savings and really little contributions from some women, photographing tons of them for this project.

My camera is my instrument. An image is the best way I find to communicate what I want to say, what is important for me and what I consider important in a global basis.

For more information about me and my work, visit my website:  www.valeriaalvesdaflorencia.com